Soft Skill Courses for Hard-Hit Times

A recent LinkedIn study shows that in the pandemic, 40% of people feel less connected to their friends, 37% feel less connected with their teammates and 31% less connected with their organization's leadership.

Our soft skill courses help you connect with the people you care about and build your professional skills. So build your resilience and raise your emotional intelligence with a seasoned expert who has successfully trained and coached over 18,000 people.

Actionable Training

You may have discovered by now that learning agile and agile leadership is more like learning a language vs. finding a bike - it takes practice and real-world guidance. You get just that in these courses, through templates, quick-start guides and practical actions to try and reflect on.

Badges & Quizzes

Learning is more effective when its fun. You'll find these courses chock-full of fun quizzes and activities you can do to earn badges and rewards, including free coaching sessions with seasoned experts.

Unique Material

What's different about these courses is that you learn through story-telling and real-life scenarios. You experience what it feels like to actually try out soft skills in your real-life settings. Ground yourself in respect, courage and collaboration vs. just new processes. 

Our Most Popular Courses

Adding practical, powerful communication skills to agile learning supercharges your agile skills and future-proofs your career.


Active Listening (Foundations Series)

Learn what Active Listening is, why it's valuable, and how to apply it in 3 easy steps. Try the two easy tips to gauge your success immediately, and one simple tool to make Active Listening a habit.

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Add Soft Skills to Your Professional Growth

Soft skills matter. Whether at work or at home, they help you connect with others and build meaningful relationships. During these crazy times, we're committed to help you not only survive, but to thrive.  

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Dr. Kelly Fidei — Founder & CEO
  • Build Relevant Skills

    Soft skills get at a basic need we all share - to connect with each other. Humans need humans. Adding practical soft skills, complemented with mindfulness and emotional intelligence not only meets that needs, but helps you to thrive.

  • Find the Right Path for You

    Use the rich way we combine Soft Skills, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence to build on the goals that feel right to you. You get both flexibility and guidance to get to where you need to go, including 3 free 1-hour coaching sessions for the 1st 100 students in each course.

  • Learn From A Seasoned Professional

    Acquiring knowledge is one thing, but learning how to put it into practice is, well... a whole other thing! Do both with our courses and coaching. Enjoy our real-life scenarios, fun quizzes and build points to earn badges and certifications.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I got to know Kelly as Coach and Trainer to our internal qualification program "Agile Transformation Coaches". Of course she knows Agile, Scrum and all the rest of it inside out - not just in theory but hardened by years of experience. But what I really appreciate is how straightforward she nudged everybody of us in every interaction just that little much out of our comfort zone that was good for our individual learning. Spot on, Kelly! Thank you.

Reimar Paschke,

Siemens Organizational Development, Coaching and Change, Germany

Kelly was instrumental in bringing transformational change to our organization. She is a wealth of knowledge backed up by hands on experience and was able to be effective in all areas (and countries) of our global business.

Curt Czapski

Senior Manager, Siemens IT Americas, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, ERP Portfolio Manager, USA

Kelly was my coach for the past year as part of the Siemens “Agile Transformation Coach” program. She was very skillful at applying various 360 degree and self-assessment techniques as well as at asking powerful questions. This made me reflect about myself and helped me grow as an individual and leader. At the same time, Kelly was very mindful to at times change her coaching hat into a consulting hat. This allowed me to tap into her great wealth of Lean and Agile experience and apply it in my organization.

Evelyn Stier

Head of IT Excellence Asia, Pacific Middle East and Africa at Siemens, Singapore

Kelly is one of the most influential people that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. She has done an amazing job training me to become a better leader as my coach. She has a unique talent for engaging people and taking them outside of their comfort zone so that they can grow as individuals. She inspires me to want to become not only a better employee but also a better person.

dan allen
Dan Allen

Director of User Experience and Application Innovation, Hitachi Solutions, Americas

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Digital is here. Future-proof career. Build your Agile Leadership. Grow resilience in your organization. We're committed to help you not only survive, but to thrive.  

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