I help people and organizations to discover the best in themselves, then hold themselves accountable to that.


I coach talented people who are ready to grow (this means you!). I'm passionately committed to creating virtual learning that's actually fun. As an agile coach, and a professional leadership and organizational coach, I listen closely to you for what's possible. As we develop our partnership, I support you to grow in concrete, observable ways. I hold over ten industry certifications in both International Coaching Federation approaches as well as Agile.

If you're ready to blow past blockers or explore your best hopes, contact me at

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"Kelly is one of the most influential people that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. She has done an amazing job training me to become a better leader as my coach. She has a unique talent for engaging people and taking them outside of their comfort zone so that they can grow as individuals. She inspires me to want to become not only a better employee but also a better person."


Dan Allen, Director of User Experience and Application Innovation at Capax Global


"Kelly was our Agile Coach and temporary manager when I was in the BI department at Paylocity. I would give Kelly my highest recommendations. As an Agile Coach she helped the team understand Agile both cognitively and emotionally. She was there for our team and helped it coalesce at a time when we really needed it. Our team needed assistance with communication as well as renewed focus, and she used her creative exercises and unique way of thinking to help move us away from being stuck. Kelly was always available, as a team coach, as a manager, as a mentor, and as a friend when a friend was needed. She would be invaluable at any company."


Cindy Hoskey, President at Agile Dragon Consulting


Values matter because they guide action. In coaching sessions with me, you will notice I pay close attention to what matters to you in terms of your own values, and I will ask you how well you feel you lived up that your top 2 values in the past week, on a scale of 1-10. We "get real" fast, since it's my job as coach to "say what I see" and help you generate more choices. My own values that guide my work include: 

  • Respect

  • Mindfulness

  • Curiosity and learning

  • Transformation

  • Freedom

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