Power: A Conversation With Author Julie Diamond

In this episode, I interviewed Julie diamond, PhD. She is an author, executive coach and leadership consultant.… Read the rest!

Common Leadership Goals and Growth Areas

In the leadership program I lead, one of the coaching options I offer leaders a coaching approach called Stakeholder Centered Coaching, based on the work of Marshall Goldsmith.

Both leaders and executives like it because it brings measurable, visible growth through participants choosing tangible behavioral leadership goals, then asking their colleagues, “How am I doing?”… Read the rest!

Improv and Community Building: The Secret Ingredients for Organizational Transformation

Organizations today want transformation. They know that if they don’t constantly reinvent themselves, they die. This is a very different vision of the successful organization, than say, the commonly held idea of a strong company from the 1960s. Picture IBM. A strong company in the 1960s was a company like IBM, who had all of its accounting processes clearly defined.… Read the rest!

Who are my peers?

I recently asked about 15 people I work with and have worked with in the past to write 360 reviews of me. It’s with the product through the leadership circle that I’m told is a good leadership development tool. What I noticed is that the people that have been my coaching clients – whether individual or in teams – rated me much higher than my peers.… Read the rest!

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