A Conversation with Agile Coach Ashish Chandra: Meditation and Emotional Intelligence for Agile Transformation Agents (with a bonus on cutting your own hair)

This episode, I talked with my awesome colleague, Ashish Chandra, who is an agile coach with Enterprise Quality Services at Infosys.… Read the rest!

Common Leadership Goals and Growth Areas

In the leadership program I lead, one of the coaching options I offer leaders a coaching approach called Stakeholder Centered Coaching, based on the work of Marshall Goldsmith.

Both leaders and executives like it because it brings measurable, visible growth through participants choosing tangible behavioral leadership goals, then asking their colleagues, “How am I doing?”… Read the rest!

Let Go to Let Come (and how to get back to sleep)

I’m having the proverbial awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night and worrying-about-work-tomorrow kind of night.

These days I’m working with the team in trouble. They seem on the verge of giving up and are very discouraged. I’m worried for them and for the organization. Over the weekend my monkey mind has been cavorting to various places from which I could sneakily try to make them do things my way.… Read the rest!

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