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Agile Coaching, Agile Psychology: Gaganbir Palta Interview (Part II)

Welcome back to Part II of this interesting and useful interview with Agile Coach and Psychologist Gaganbir Palta.… Read the rest

What does the US Navy know about Agile that Agile doesn’t know about itself?

I thought I knew one or two things about Agile, but in only five minutes of hearing Mark’s true stories about his role as a Navy aviator collaborating with the Navy SEALs, I realized he had something highly valuable and concrete to teach the Agile community – how to make it real, in practice, on the ground!… Read the rest

How Professional Coaching Can Enhance Agile Coaching

This past June I had the good fortune to meet the delightful Sue Bramhall (I can say “delightful” because she’s a Brit (stop smiling, Sue 🙂 ).… Read the rest

Yes, you can! Cool Ways to Use Cognitive Psychology in Agile Coaching

So true confession: I fell off the wagon over the past month in terms of my goal of posting a new podcast weekly… I mean every other week… I mean… You get the picture.… Read the rest

Adarsh Mehrotra on DevOps, Blockchain and DevSecOps for Agile Sustainability

In this episode I interviewed Adarsh Mehrotra, Industry Principal at Infosys.… Read the rest

Becoming a Scrum Product Owner When the Business Doesn’t Want to Play

Today I talked with Sebastian Hellmann, who is an agile Product Owner.… Read the rest

Power: A Conversation With Julie Diamond

In this episode, I interviewed Julie diamond, PhD. She is an author, executive coach and leadership consultant.… Read the rest

A Conversation with Agile Coach Ashish Chandra: Meditation and Emotional Intelligence for Agile Transformation Agents (with a bonus on cutting your own hair)

This episode, I talked with my awesome colleague, Ashish Chandra, who is an agile coach with Enterprise Quality Services at Infosys.… Read the rest

Honoring the Past, Welcoming the Future: Helping Agile Orgs with Transitions

Read the rest

Respect, Courage, Starting Where People Are Today: Lean Portfolio Management

Very engaged discussion today on starting with courage, with where people are vs trying to get to “perfect.” Also ways to deal with the reality of people sometimes initiate their agile journey using a tool, with both pros and cons of that.… Read the rest

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