Yes, you can! Cool Ways to Use Cognitive Psychology in Agile Coaching

So true confession: I fell off the wagon over the past month in terms of my goal of posting a new podcast weekly… I mean every other week… I mean… You get the picture. I get super busy with client work and that comes first, then sleep, then the podcast. (No doubt my priorities are messed up, but we’ll ignore that for the moment).

In any case, I’ve decided to take a risk and post a podcast and podcast notes which I have not obsessively quality checked 1000 times (so uncomfortable, but I guess it’s the uncomfortable things we do in life and times that help us grow, at least that’s what I keep telling myself). Don’t get me wrong. My guest is really awesome in this podcast. His interviewer (me), well, less awesome, at least on timeliness of podcast posts.

So here’s some immediate gratification for you – check out this “about me” link on my latest guest, GaganBir Palta, agile coach, business guy and cognitive psychology aficionado. I knew that GaganBir was an interesting guy, but I didn’t realize HOW interesting until he brought up applications of cognitive psychology to agile. That topic naturally broadened into a fascinating discussion about his book, his website, and the transformation model that he created and uses successfully with clients. Enjoy!

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